The Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (iTP3) project at Texas A&M University supports the development of fresh and progressive ideas that have the potential to transform the future of teen pregnancy prevention. iTP3 operates in a unique space that challenges the public health program development norms by providing exposure to news ways of thinking about innovation and program development.

Over the past three years, iTP3 has worked with 20 teams across the U.S. in the healthcare, community based organization, national organization and health department settings to develop innovative programs. iTP3 innovations go beyond the traditional approach to prevention by broadening the focus from individual level change to changing systems. For more information about the iTP3 project and iTP3 Innovative teen pregnancy prevention programs, please browse the rest of our site.

The iTP3 project is funded by a 5-year Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) Cooperative Agreement (TP2AH000046-02-00).

Publications about the iTP3 project:

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