The following questions will be asked in the online application for funding.

  1. What is the title of your program?
  1. Think Elevator Speech – please tell us about your project in 350 words or less. Be sure to highlight the innovative characteristics of your program, the collaborative project team, and intended outcomes for the end of this 12-month project and for the future if the program is scalable!
  1. How is your program innovative? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words) – The iTP3 project team is looking for fresh, creative, and non-traditional TPP programs! Please tell us how your proposed program differs from existing TPP programs. Innovative program characteristics can relate to its design, approach, focus, and/or concepts. Be creative, be bold and be new in explaining how your program is innovative!
  1. Who is the target population and why is your program needed? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words) – We are looking to support the development of TPP programs that are relevant and feasible for their intended high risk target population(s)! What population(s) does your program target? How does your program address unmet needs in the field of teen pregnancy prevention? Populations of specific interest for this funding opportunity are described on the Application Information page of this website. Providing detailed information will help us better understand your program!
  1. How is your target population involved? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words) – We strongly believe strongly that a program’s target population(s) should be involved throughout all phases of program development! ! How will patterns and insights be gained from the target population(s) and how they will be involved in the program development process, specifically during the design thinking and planning phases. Later within this application, you will be asked to describe in detail the program development activities you plan to complete during the 12 month funding period. If helpful, you can navigate back and forth between questions. A description of expected activities is provided under Eligible Programs on the Application Information page of the website.
  1. We are very interested learning more about the potential for your program to make a significant impact on adolescents and within the field of teen pregnancy prevention. Please answer the following questions to tell us more about your program. (Suggested Max Response – 350 Words)
    • How does your program address an existing problem or barrier to progress within the field of teen pregnancy prevention using an ecological approach?
    • How will disparities in teen pregnancy and/or adolescent sexual risk behaviors be reduced if the program is successful?
  1. What is the program’s current stage of development, and what program development activities have already been completed? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words)
  1. What are the program’s short, intermediate, and long term outcomes? What strategies will be used to achieve these outcomes? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words)
  1. What are the program’s characteristics (i.e. content focus, format, materials, length of program, level of intervention, implementation setting)? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words)
  1. What do you plan to accomplish with iTP3 funding? (Suggested Max Response – 500 words) – What program development activities will be completed during the 12 month period if you receive funding for this project? You can find a description of expected activities is provided under Eligible Programs on the Application Information page of the website.
  1. If your program is currently in or preparing for feasibility or pilot testing, please tell us more about the innovative strategies used to develop your program, your evaluation plan, and the current status of evaluation activities.
  1. Work Plan – Now it is time to share the specifics of what you plan to accomplish within the 12 months funding period using our Work Plan template. This template can be found under Application Resources on the Application Information page of the website.
  1. Who will be developing this innovative program? (Suggested Max Response – 300 words) – We want to know about the project team! Please share with us a description of the following:
    • Management of administrative functions and implementation of the overall project
    • Project lead and team members, including each individual’s roles and responsibilities related to the project, the systems approach, and innovative instructional strategies
  1. Tell us about the organization that will be supporting the development of this program, including the organizational structure, previous experience related to proposed project (TPP, working with adolescents, the systems approach, and/or innovative instructional strategies) and the current organizational capacity to implement the proposed project (including staffing, financial management and reporting capabilities). (Suggested Max Response – 500 words)
  1. What challenges might this project team face while developing your program? Among others, consider potential issues in achieving the intended results within the planned time frame. How does the team plan to address these anticipated challenges? (Suggested Max Response – 250 words)
  1. Who else will support the program’s development? (Suggested Max Response – 250 words) – Please described any existing partnerships, planned collaborations, as well as youth and community engagement that will support the development of your program?
  1. Do you have letters of commitment from organizations that will contribute resources (i.e. in-kind, financial) to support your program? Great! Please upload these letters (max of 3). Letters not submitted with this application will be requested from innovators within the first month of receiving an award.
  1. Key Personnel – We want to learn more about the people who will be playing a key role in the development of this program! For each person, please tell us their role within the project, position within their organization, experience relevant to project, and record of accomplishments. Previous experience in teen pregnancy prevention, working with proposed program’s systems approach, and/or developing programs utilizing innovative instructional strategies should also be described. Please upload a description for each person (max of 5 descriptions combined into one PDF document). Each description should be no more than one page – we do not want this information in the form of a curriculum vitae or resume!
  1. Budget – Please provide a 12 month budget and budget narrative for your proposed project. The budget should support and align with your Work Plan, and it should clearly justify how the total amount of funding requested for all categories (e.g. Personnel, Fringe, Travel, and Contractual) is necessary to carry out the planned work. The Budget and Budget Narrative template can be found under Application Resources on the Application Information page of the website.
  1. Feel free to upload appendices to support your application (max of 15 pages).