What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a practical, creative, and fast-paced process for solving problems. Rooted in empathy, design thinking begins with developing a deep understanding of the end user and the core problems that need to be addressed. After the core problem has been clearly defined, a variety of activities and techniques are used to brainstorm, develop, test and refine possible solutions. Design thinking is cyclical and often involves revisiting multiple steps to further refine the problem and solution.

Interactive Trainings:

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • 4-Day Workshop

Workshops are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience applying design thinking to teen pregnancy prevention and are an ideal professional development opportunity for public health, health education, social work, and other youth serving professionals. Throughout the training, participants work together through a guided process to gain a deeper understanding of teen pregnancy within their community, explore potential solutions, and iterate new ideas to enhance approaches to prevention.

To learn more about iTP3 training and capacity building opportunities, please contact the iTP3 team via the Connect tab on our website or send an email to iTP3@tamu.edu

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Past Participants of Design Thinking Trainings