Finding Local Clinics

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Title X Family Planning Database

Organization:  Office of Population Affairs

Type of Resource:  Website

Description:  This website allows you to search for Title X funded clinics near you.


Title X Family Planning

Organization:  Office of Population Affairs

Type of Resource:  Website

Description:  This website provides an overview of Title X funding including Title X providers, Title X mission, cost effectiveness of family planning, and program policy.


Best Practices for Youth Friendly Clinical Services

Organization:  Advocates for Youth

Type of Resource:  Online publication

Description:  According to the Advocates for Youth website, “This section also considers the key components of youth friendly clinical services that are especially important to specific groups, including younger or older youth; pregnant and parenting adolescents; ethnic minority youth; gay, lesbian, and bisexual (GLB) adolescents; sexual assault survivors; and HIV-positive youth. In addition, one section specifically addresses reproductive and sexual health care. The final sections highlight recent research on: 1) providing services for young men; and 2) promoting parent-child communication on sexual health and other sensitive issues. Each of the nine sections concludes with recommendations derived directly from the research findings presented here.”


Clinic Assessment of Youth Friendly Services

Organization:  Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Type of Resource:  Online Publication

Description:  According to Management Sciences for Health, “This tool helps program managers and clinicians determine the extent to which current reproductive health services are youth-friendly. Results from the tool can be used to tailor services to better meet the needs and preferences of young people.”  This link will provide you with a background of the tool, as well as a link to the tool.


Is Your Clinic Youth-Friendly?  Why, What, How, and What Next?

Organization:  the

Type of Resource:  Presentation Slides