Incorporating Health Equity

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Health Equity Institute

Organization:  Health Equity Institute

Type of Resource:  Website

Description:  This website may serve as an avenue to additional resources on health equity, while being a resource on what health equity is and how to address it in programming efforts.  According to the website, “The Health Equity Institute seeks to foster innovation and community engagement towards a vision of a truly healthy society. We work from a social justice framework. Our work is guided by recent advances in social epidemiology and environmental justice, where health and disease are understood as socially and environmentally produced through structural forces of inequality. We seek to understand “upstream” inequities that contribute to eventual health disparities (Hofrichter, 2006).”


Sex as We Know It

Organization:  Health Equity Institute

Type of Resource:  Short Documentary Film (~12 minutes)

Description:  According to the website, “SEX AS WE KNOW IT is a short documentary film that examines the lives of six teenagers ages 13-18 participating in a peer-to-peer sex education program.  Spoken through the voice of the peer educators, the film explores topics such as the their own experiences with sexual health and education and talking with their parents about sex. The Peer Outreach Educators use modern education methods to bring forward a new age in reproductive health knowledge and its role in the lives of the youth generation.”


Sexual Health Victory: The Passing of Chicago’s New Sexual Health Policy through a Health Equity Lens

 Organization:  National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD)

Type of Resource:  Online Publication/Press Release

Description:  This online publication discusses how Chicago Public School’s Board of Education approved a new sexual health education policy, which focused on developmentally appropriate education for all public school students.  This publication also discusses the role of health equity in the process of passing the new policy, the curriculum to be used as part of the policy, and how the policy came to pass.