Motivational Interviewing

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Motivational Interviewing Strategies and Techniques: Rationales and Examples

Organization:  Nova Southern University

Type of Resource:  Online publication

Description:  This resource provides rationales and examples of motivational interviewing for various types of conversations that may arise when employing motivational interviewing.  Each section provides sample questions the interviewer can ask to keep the conversation moving forward in a positive manner.


Motivational Interviewing as a Counseling Style

Organization:  National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Type of Resource:  Online book chapter

Description:  According to the NCBI’s website with this e-book, “This chapter briefly discusses ambivalence and its role in client motivation. Five basic principles of motivational interviewing are then presented to address ambivalence and to facilitate the change process. Opening strategies to use with clients in the early stages of treatment are offered as well. The chapter concludes with a summary of a 1997 review by Noonan and Moyers that studied the effectiveness of motivational interviewing.”


Motivational Interviewing

Organization:  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Type of Resource:  Website

Description:  This website provides an overview of motivational interviewing and can serve as an additional resource center.  Various resources are available on this website, including presentation slides from previous webinars on motivational interviewing.


Motivational Interviewer Training

Organization:  Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

Type of Resource:  Website with additional resources

Description:  MINT is a professional organization of independent MI trainers.  This page provides information on various motivational interviewing trainings, as well as training resources.


Motivational Interviewing Step by Step


Type of Resource:  Video series

Description:  According to the description on the website, “Learn Motivational Interviewing with the most in-depth training series to date. Demonstrations and interviews illuminate the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies that will enhance your skills in leading clients through the change process.”