Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES)

CrAFTing Music

Project Summary

CrAFTing Music is a trauma-informed teen pregnancy prevention intervention designed for and with systems-involved youth that combines music-based activities with a comprehensive sexual health curriculum to engage young people with a diverse range of learning styles. In 2018 the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies developed the evidence-informed Creating a Future Together (CrAFT) curriculum to go beyond typical curricula and include a focus on mental/emotional health, human rights, gender and sexuality. The CrAFTing Music program builds upon that curriculum by including activities such as content analysis, music generation and role playing to provide creative outlets to further explore the topics already included in the curriculum. This enhancement is intended to provide current, tailored references for the curriculum & core topics (such as coping mechanisms, consent and health relationships, and puberty and menstruation, to name a few) and provide further opportunities for active participation with the material to spark discussion, allow for creative expression and engage youth in a fun, slightly more casual way.

Project Team

  • Iman Shervington, MFA, Director of Media & Communications
  • Sheryl-Amber Edmonson, MSEd, Program Manager
  • Christina Illarmo, LMSW, Program Manager

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