Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL)

Atlanta Coalition for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (ACT)

Project Summary

The Atlanta Coalition for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (ACT) is an innovative teen pregnancy prevention program designed to change the culture of talking about sex for youth, families and the community. This innovative program is a collaborative approach connecting youth to programs and providers. The goal of ACT is to reduce teenage pregnancy by providing non-traditional training and links to resources. ACT partners with first responders, police officers, barber shops, schools, recreational centers and churches to hear raw and real stories, and to address ecological factors influencing teenage pregnancy in the community. In addition, the ACT coalition offers tailored professional training on subjects such as empowerment, pregnancy prevention, relationships, goals, peer pressure, financial resources, communication, and program facilitation.

Project Team

  • Tango Howard Lemon, Atlanta Police Athletic League, Program Director
  • Nicholson Clark, Parks & Recreation, Collaborator
  • Monique Winters, Mecey Care, Collaborator
  • Caudia Nash, Atlanta Fire Rescue, Collaborator
  • Chris Barber,¬†Atlanta Fire Rescue, Collaborator
  • Jacob Lessignton, Atlanta Fire Rescue, Collaborator
  • Carolyn McDuffie, Atlanta Fire Rescue, Collaborator
  • Dammione Meyers, Atlanta Fire Rescue, Collaborator

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