Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago


Project Summary

Game2Talk is an interactive, social exchange where young folks are able to practice asking and answering questions around sexual health, pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, STIs, access to reproductive services, etc. By using carnival-style games, we can take something that feels comfortable and nostalgic, and put an exciting spin on it! When young folks take their turn, they’ll be offered an opportunity to practice asking and answering the questions they’ve told us they need practice asking safely!

Program Characteristics

  • Target Population: 10 – 18-year-old young folks & students
  • Setting: The game is set up to be taken out and about! Original goals were to hold the games at summer outreach events. The game is also built to be taken to community organizations for sexual health and unplanned pregnancy prevention, as well as classrooms!
  • Type of Innovation/Mode: Interactive game

Contact Information

Hadeis Safi