Coalition on Urban Girls — Chicago

The Girl Know More Project

Project Summary

The Girl Know More Project (GKMP) will provide innovative health education experiences and resources for teen girls through a bus outfitted with the latest technology (virtual reality, video walls, LED lights, gaming, sound equipment, etc.). Girls will receive age-appropriate, gender-responsive (holistic, relational, strengths-based, culturally competent, trauma-informed), and medically-accurate comprehensive sexual education, and adolescent health information to support informed decision making and critical thinking skills which increase the health, safety, and wellness of girls in Chicago.  To ensure maximum utilization of the bus, GKMP will partner with local high schools to provide 10 weeks of health education during the P.E/Health Ed series. The bus will serve 25-30 girls per class period (average 5-6 classes per day). In addition to receiving a health education experience, girls will also receive the “Girls in the City” Resource Guide which provides additional information and local resources; a weekly subject-focused toolkit to share the knowledge they received with five of their peers, and access to the GKMP app for digital resources and support. The bus will also include a closet stocked with personal hygiene, reproductive, and sexual health products for girls to access with confidence as tools to honor her healthy choices. During afterschool hours, the bus will partner with community- and faith-based organizations to provide the same 10 weeks of programming. Weekends will be used to engage girls at community fairs, festivals and events through modified “Flash” experiences on specific topics. The Girl Know More Project will provide a lifeline to health, education, resources and care which empowers girls to live their best life.

Program Characteristics

  • Target Population: Teen girls, ages 13-19
  • Setting: Urban (School and Community-Based)
  • Type of Innovation/Mode: Integrated mobile health education experience

Contact Information

Brianna Lawrence, Executive Director