Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES)

CrAFTing Music

Project Summary

In 2018 the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies developed a new kind of curriculum that goes beyond your typical evidence-based intervention. That curriculum is called CrAFT; Creating a Future Together, which is an evidence-informed comprehensive sex ed curriculum that is trauma-informed, gender transformative and centered in human rights. Since 2019, IWES has been implementing CrAFT in the greater New Orleans area by IWES health educators, yet the goal is to share CrAFT with a larger, broader audience, through new health educators throughout the state of Louisiana. CrAFT is more than a curriculum; it’s a strategy. When you decide to be a CrAFT health educator, you join the IWES family, which means you become a health educator that’s indoctrinated in The IWES Way. The IWES Way  revolves around critical analysis, compassionate action, collaboration and collective responsibility, self-leadership and modeling, collective healing and active participation. Community is also a core component of The IWES Way, as well as one of the key components of the CrAFT strategy, which will establish a network of educators, mentors and peer coaches that will provide guidance, support, encouragement and technical assistance so one can be the best educator possible.

Program Characteristics

  • Target Population: school-based and community-based organizations
  • Setting: Health Educators
  • Type of Innovation/Mode: Curriculum, in-person and virtual trainings and technical assistance

Project Team

Rheneisha Roberst