North County Prenatal/Perinatal Council, Inc.

Mapping for Success: Supporting Rural Communities in Comprehensive Health Education Policy and Implementation

Project Summary

Mapping for Success provides an intentional approach to health education with community informed policy and implementation guidance. The Guidebook helps assess both the internal and external community climate. It offers tools and strategies for developing policy with community representation, including an array of sample policies. Also included is best practices for health education and positive messaging used to educate the community on the purpose and importance of CSHE. Additionally, NCPPC offers community workshops using Human-Centered Design facilitation. NCPPC works with the community to engage all key stakeholders: school administration or staff, community-based organizations, youth, parents, and whoever else is invested in positive student outcomes. NCPPC believes that schools are the heart of their rural communities and that CSHE improves student’s academic achievement, social-emotional health, and future opportunities. As NCPPC looks to the future, NCPPC hopes to continue to develop health education policy support for various health topics important to rural communities. Comprehensive Health Education Policy: For now. For the Future.

Program Characteristics

  • Target Population: Rural School District administration and/or staff; Rural Youth Program administration and/or staff
  • Setting: Rural Community Schools and Youth-Based Programs
  • Type of Innovation/Mode: In-person, Online or both

Contact Information

Allison Roselle

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