Speak! Civic Leadership Academy

Project Summary

At Novelly, we believe that all youth can be leaders in championing social change but especially addressing sexual & reproductive health (SRH) challenges their communities face. SRH is socially seen as a sensitive topic at any age but it is especially amplified for youth, so we recognize that expressing your opinion and listening to others who disagree with you is an act of courage. And before we can ask youth to take action, we need to empower them in foundational dialogue skills. Novelly is committed to tackling this challenge through Speak! A Novelly Leadership Academy where every student who participates becomes more confident in their ability to participate in and facilitate respectful and thoughtful dialogue on sexual & reproductive health. Our program pillars focus on dialogue, values, social justice, and storytelling. By authentically engaging youth, we aim to empower a generation that can use their voice to influence policies, programs, and practices in their communities.

Description of Organization

Right now, only 23% of 8th graders in the US are proficient in civics. Moreover, low-income and minority youth have far fewer opportunities to engage in civic education and civic dialogue. Founded in October 2018, Novelly is a civic dialogue skills program for youth. Our mission is to equip all young people, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, with the confidence to engage in nuanced dialogue on the complicated issues of our time, and empower them to use their voice to shape our future. Join our community of educators across the country who are working to help bring this mission to life.

Program Characteristics

  • Target Population: Out of school time. Remote, optional in-person engagement
  • Setting: Out of school time. Remote, optional in-person engagement
  • Type of Innovation/Mode: Remote Leadership Training & Support

Contact Information

Claudia Pacheco