Eyes Open Iowa

Project Name

The PASS Program

Project Summary

EyesOpenIowa plans to develop an in-depth project to train and support resident assistants (RAs) on Iowa college campuses to deliver sex education to college freshman. This comprehensive program will train RAs to provide students with information about birth control and condoms and where to access, referrals to services, support for LGBTQ students, and information about sexual assault prevention. By training the RAs, freshman students, new to college, will have a trusted and relatable peer to consult with about risky behaviors and ways to prevent unintended pregnancy at a critical time in their lives. In efforts to be marketable and recognizable by colleges and students, the program has been titled PASS (Peers Advocating for Safer Sex).

The PASS Program aims to reduce unintended pregnancy on college campuses by training and supporting Resident Advisors as sexual health educators that can reach Iowa college freshmen with sex education.

Project Team

Kristin Fairholm, Executive Director

Jessica Waechter,
Campus Partnerships Coordinator

Sara Sales,
Program Assistant