National Indian Youth Ledership Project

Project Name

Healthy Pathways

Project Team

  • Sheri Pfeiffer-TsinajinnieProject Director
  • Neal FerrisProject Manager
  • Natasha Clark-BakerCurriculum Specialist
  • Matthew BakerCultural Expert

Project Summary

The Healthy Pathways plans to incorporate core social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health constructs to engage youth in challenging themselves to grow as individuals and members of their peer group, family, and community. The Healthy Pathways program will be delivered through weekly experiential sessions and frequent outdoor adventure activities in the natural world. Through this strengths-based positive youth development approach, the Healthy Pathways team has a goal to increase positive sexual and reproductive health outcomes among American Indian adolescents.

Healthy Pathways incorporates experiential learning with a foundation of all constructs of health to increase positive sexual and reproductive health and positive youth development outcomes.