Public Health Management Corporation

Project Name

Chrome to Color (C2C)

Project Team

  • Emmy StupProject Director
  • Paul McElweeProject Coordinator
  • Nichole KangCurriculum Developer
  • Natasha BenoitHealth Educator
  • Patrick GrantHealth Educator
  • Anne SotoHealth Educator

Project Summary

The goal of Chrome to Color (C2C) is to reduce teen pregnancy among LGBTQ-identified youth of color. Through this youth-driven program, LGBTQ-identified youth of color will develop teen pregnancy prevention education messages to disseminate to their peers as public service announcements (PSA). PHMC looks forward to collaborating with their target community to create a youth advisory board to assist in the development of this media-focused intervention, which will be both relevant and appealing to LGBTQ-identified youth of color.

Chrome to Color will reduce teen pregnancy disparities among LGBTQ-identified youth by developing youth-driven, culturally and medically appropriate teen pregnancy education to meet the needs of LGBTQ-identified youth.